Virtual Tour for AirBnB's in Trinidad & Tobago

Make travelers comfortable choosing your venue by giving them the ability to visualize your entire venue before the visit.


Virtual tour consists of photos that allows a person to look around freely in all directions.

  • Guests can virtually walk around as if they were there.
  • Provides a sense of familiarity and builds confidence


360 photographs are much better at representing the true nature of an AirBnB listing therefore avoiding the wrong expectations being set in the travelers mind. This goes a long way in avoiding negative emotions!


Note: Airbnb does not have native Virtual Tour functionality or allow external links to be added to a listing. There are a few workarounds;

  • Put the link in a picture description, see 5th picture.
  • Put the link with a comma and instruct the user to replace the comma with a dot, see here.

Your Virtual Tour can still be showcased on Google Search, Google Maps, your Website, Facebook Page or Emailed to prospective travelers.