Google App Maker

Custom Business Apps

What is Google App Maker

Google App Maker is a tool available in G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise accounts, that allows for the creation of internal business applications using a drag and drop User Interface.

Why Use Google App Maker

App maker is a great way to automate many business tasks. If you are already using Google Sheets to automate business process, App Maker is the next step when the spreadsheets have reached the point where their limitations are making them difficult to use.

How Can We Help With Google App Maker

We have a collaborative process to ensure projects are business outcome focused. This involves:

  • Uncovering your most important business outcomes and how to measure success.
  • Capturing your existing workflow and their pain points.
  • Creating technology agnostic descriptions of solving the pain points of each task from the point of view of the people experiencing them.
  • Associating the solution descriptions with the relevant outcomes so that once started, projects don’t meander into things unrelated to achieving the outcome.
  • Implementing a little at a time, with constant feedback, to ensure a successful App Maker project!